Gender neutrality + women in the workforce

One of those posts where words, fortunately, are not required to make a point. Just these videos. That said, this is a conversation that is bound to get bigger. I’ve been reading Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. I’m aware of the criticism surrounding it but it’s not worth anyone’s time to sit and critique a book obviously written with good intentions in mind. I’ve decided to take what’s meaningful and relevant to me from the book and apply it or at least try to apply it in my life at work and at home. Parts that are not relevant, well, I’m not going to be bothered about them.

Another line of thinking that I’m exploring is John Gerzema’s The Athena Doctrine – How women (and the men who think like them) will rule the world. John is my dear friend’s mentor and from what I’ve heard and read of the book, an advocate of more women leaders. He conducted a several years long study across several countries to understand and decode how people perceive masculine and feminine traits. The results are not that surprising. Words like arrogant, aggressive, independent etc are considered masculine traits worldwide. Words like gentle, reasonable, free-spirited, collaborative, caring are considered to be feminine traits worldwide. His thesis posits that the world needs more feminine traits in top leadership positions and the book talks about how to develop those traits. I haven’t read the entire book yet but I think I like where it is headed already.

Plus read this: What’s so boy about a boy who wants to wear a dress

On to the videos now. Just watch them one after one.

Props to Hasbor for listening to the little girl’s petition. They are unveiling a blue and silver easy bake oven for boys.

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