Facebook profiles for new-borns

I suppose I’m at at age now where a lot of folks around me are having babies. An interesting (disturbing?) trend that I’ve noticed is the eagerness with which this set of excited new parents build Facebook profiles for their new-born’s and invite friends and families to the fold. I’m particularly torn because on one hand, it’s a fantastic idea to stay in touch with family and share pictures of the baby as he/she grows up. On the other hand, I wonder about the implications of this digital trail that the new parents are creating for their new-borns. As these children grow up and pursue careers across the board, will these digital trails hurt their prospects? Or does this trend mean that agencies such as the government, secret services and even politics need to develop a tolerance (and solutions!) for these possibilities? I’m just thinking out loud. I don’t know the answer and I don’t think there is a right or wrong. Curious to hear your thoughts.


  1. Priyanka Gill March 7, 2011

    it is a scary thought – but I was almost tempted to do so – i have bout their .com ids though…

  2. Killian McRae March 22, 2011

    Two words: “Truman Show” – I agree, from the perspective of a friend or family member, I love being able to share in their joy and good news. However, when I find myself cautioning my slightly older children about what they post online, that there’s the potential that it will be online forever and ever, I can’t possibly see this as a good thing. Plus, it just opens up your children’s information to nefarious devices. I’m not just talking about the possibility of becoming to object of attention of a predator, but creditors and identity theifs.

    An alternative: Make a password-protect blog for your whole family where you can control with better ability who does and does not see your family info and photos. Or better yet, USPS still delivers packages. Promise, they do.

    Thanks for the great post, Jinal!

  3. Vibhanshu Abhishek April 5, 2011

    Wonder how privacy issues with play up these kinds of websites. I am sure that people will be suing their parent for things they lovingly made public 20 years earlier.

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